The benefits of a mood board

Here at Stone Junction we change minds. However, it is sometimes necessary to look inside your own head to fully understand and get behind an idea. 

By Carla Stanton, graphic designer at Stone Junction.

A mood board can really help people get inside your mind, creatively. It’s a way of visually showing emotions and visions for a creative concept or piece of work — without need for any sci-fi brain surgery!

An inspiration or mood board is a collection of visual elements that achieves style inspiration or helps establish a design direction efficiently. The use of a mood board can also help convey your concept as well as get others to appreciate and understand your vision, especially if you need to pitch to a client. 

A visual representation can show what the finished product could look like and allows the pictures to do the talking. It helps save time and avoid misinterpretation that could happen when pitching an idea verbally. Mood boards are especially useful in web design and make sure both the client and designer are on the same page before any of the work really starts.

You can make a mood board by collecting photography, illustrations, colour palettes, descriptive words and typography as well as screen grabs that help to define a style and inspire the direction of the design. It is also important to get across the brand character or personality of your client. In essence, it is like creating a style guide and can help form the basis of new brand guidelines should you wish to evolve or refresh your current one.

Think of a mood board like a collage, except now you don’t have to get out the scissors and glue as there are easy ways to create digital mood boards using platforms like Pinterest or MURAL. These platforms are also a good way to get others involved, especially if it is a collaborative project as you can invite others to participate in the creative fun.

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