What digital marketing tools can’t you do without in 2018?

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Many of you will remember that I recently began compiling a list of digital PR and marketing tools you need in your life and promised to add to it over the forthcoming months. 

By Richard Stone 

This morning I thought it was high time that I did exactly that. Two of today’s tools were recommended to me by Andrew Bruce Smith, so many thanks to him, he’s both a gentleman and a scholar.

So, with further ado, here are the most recent additions to the list:

Cardinal Path Google Analytics campaign tagging tool: If you’ve read any of our recent posts, you will know what a big fan of a good UTM link Stone Junction is. And, if you’ve ever worked with us, you will know that we are almost pathologically obsessed with spreadsheets. Well, this tool combines the two. It provides an easy way to produce a set of UTM links directly from the tool in a lovely spreadsheet form, which makes your campaigns beautifully manageable.

QuillEngage: If you love Google Analytics but hate writing reports, this is the tool for you. QuillEngage uses a simple artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse a Google Analytics account and produce a simple report that’s easy to read and digest. Here’s what a sample report looks like.

Answer the Public: It’s almost a hoary old cliché that you should write content for your website based on the most common questions that Google throws up in search. But establishing those common questions isn’t always as easy as it should be. Answer the Public takes a lot of the hassle out of this process, by providing questions, as well as related terms, comparisons and prepositions to inspire your next piece of content. Incidentally, the most relevant term related to digital marketing is today’s headline, “What digital marketing tools can’t you do without in 2018”.

I’m going to add all of today’s new tools to the original list, in the hope that over time it becomes a useful resource for the industry. Let me know if you have anything you think needs to join our growing compendium.


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