Know your competition

Watching Kenyan runner, Eliud Kipchoge, win this year's London Marathon wouldn't be the same if he was the only runner in the race. Healthy competition in your industry is a good thing. It sets a benchmark and drives innovation. But, what about the fight to rank highly on Google search results?

By Carla Mateus, account executive at Stone Junction

Competitive analysis is fundamental when starting a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign. Gaining insight into who your competitors are and where they stand in the rankings lays the foundation to establish your own goals.

Business competitors 
However, it's important at this point to differentiate between your business competitors and your search competitors. Your business competitors, regardless of where they are ranking on Google, are companies that offer the same product or service as you. It's crucial that you rank above these companies, so that business leads look on your website before your competitors steal their attention.

Search competitors
Your search competitors are the companies that rank highly for the keywords that you would also like to rank highly for. Regardless of what these businesses do, they're in your spot on the search engine leader board. In some cases, these key words may not be as relevant to a search competitor as they are to you, giving you all the more reason to beat them at the SEO game.

Gain insight 
SEO tool, Moz, allows you to assess your search visibility, key word ranking, domain authority and external links — and compare these to your competitors. This means you can benchmark your SEO performance against the competition and take action based on these findings.

You can even carry out back link gap analysis. This shows which external websites have linked to your competitors. This could highlight opportunities to write guest posts and pick up your own valuable back links to increase domain authority.

The SEO game will never be a one-person race, so competition analysis will always be crucial. For more information on analysing your competition, and how Stone Junction can help you, call +44 (0)1785 225416.


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