Are you part of the social conversation?


Many online marketing messages make us cringe and it’s often because they lack human touch and don’t engage us. Instead of taking a one-way conversation approach, where a company doesn’t acknowledge or interact with their audience, businesses should look to gauge the interests of their customers through social media.

By Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, account executive

According to a report from the Social Sprout, 74 per cent of us make our buying decisions based on social media. This has made it even more important that brands engage in effective conversation on social media to build awareness, whether they are B2B or B2C.

The mistake made by most companies, however, is that they often push their products and services on social media, but don’t take the time to find out what else their customers are talking about. This is especially true of those working in a less ‘sexy’ industry, like manufacturing and engineering.

Any content shared on behalf of a brand should be interesting and resonate among its potential and existing followers. But to make this content appeal to the audience, businesses need to stop talking and listen first.

Social monitoring tools allow marketers to identify key topics and discussions around their audience’s interests. Some platforms will even provide you with information about the times that influential members of an audience tweet, if they are more likely to share links or images and whether they write their own content or share other people’s.

This information can then be used to add something valuable and join the conversation, but also support your PR and marketing campaigns.

To create an engaging brand that resonates with their followers, businesses have to pay attention to their audience’s wants and needs. By using social monitoring tools, your chances of mastering the social conversation are even greater.

At Stone Junction, we actively use social monitoring tools both for ourselves and our clients, so that we can participate in and progress social conversations. We have a lot of experience increasing brand awareness online so for more information or to have a chat about what else you could be doing, get in touch on +44 (0)1785 225 416 or e-mail


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