How to boost your Twitter following

Since starting my @CarlasBrain Twitter account back in October 2017, I have picked up a modest 1907 followers. On this account, I post a thought a day from my daily commute. One popular tweet from last week was, "In the future, self driving vehicles are going to drive themselves back to the dealership when payments are missed." With 73 likes on this post, it proved to be a successful tweet. 

I've certainly picked up some new strategies that have helped increased my following steadily over recent months. 

 By Carla Mateus, account executive at Stone Junction.

If someone messages you, or comments on one of your tweets, it’s definitely worth replying with a friendly message in return. It sounds simple, but if you don't take the time to reinforce that connection, it could be a missed opportunity. The retweets and comments of just a few loyal followers will extend your reach (assuming your profile isn't private), to potentially thousands of other users. That's basically free advertising.

Stay recent
The search tool in Twitter is more powerful than you think. It gives you access to a complete database of millions of tweets in real time. It's the key word that you search for that makes or breaks this strategy.

For example, if you're an accounting business, it would make sense to search for 'tax return' or 'self assessment', to see who has most recently tweeted about this issue and is in need of financial advice. Note, you don't need to use a hash tag symbol in this search bar. If the tweet was from less than five minutes ago, the chances are that person will still have their phone in hand. Follow them, and they will most likely follow you back.

I'm not advocating aggressive following of thousands of Twitter users, but strategic following of people that have an actual interest in your services is a must.

Know your hashtags
By understanding your audience better, you will be better able to decipher which trending hashtags are suitable for you to use. If you're an engineering company, you could use hashtags such as #Apprentices, #DesignEngineering or #Instrumentation just to name a few. There are also some generic hashtags that roll around every week, including #MondayMotivation and #WednesdayWisdom. These are good starters to get involved with, but it is worth keeping your eyes peeled for more specific, relevant hashtags. These are hard to predict, so make sure you are checking Twitter regularly.

Don't buy fake followers
Just last week, some Twitter users were furious about the loss of thousands of followers. Twitter periodically culls accounts that it deems suspicious or fake, such as those powered by automatic bots. The chances are, if you do buy followers, it won't be long before Twitter shuts them down.
Not only does buying followers take away from the spirit of Twitter, it looks silly if you have thousands of followers and very little engagement.

If you are looking to spend a little bit of money to boost your following, Twitter advertising is a great option.

When you choose which tweet to be promoted, you can also specify the demographics for targeted, active and measurable advertising. You can set the budget for the campaign so there are no nasty surprises when the invoice arrives.

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